By Aleisha Ward, "NZ Musician"

"Introducing… Coco Favre" is a solid debut album by Wellington vocalist Coco Favre that does a fine job of living up to its title.

Accompanied by the Reuben Bradley Trio (Bradley on drums, Ben Wilcock piano/Rhodes and Rowan Clarke on bass), the Swiss-born Favre charms with a range of jazz standards, both old and new. Arranged by Bradley and well supported by the trio, her voice has a delicious range of show-style tonalities and inflections, from dark, deep and bluesy, to light and winsome.

Favre further illustrates the range of her different vocal moods and tonal inflections by singing in English, Spanish and French on various tracks, adding another layer of appeal.

The Reuben Bradley Trio are equal partners in this, interweaving interesting and exciting lines and solos without overwhelming her vocals, nor disappearing into the background.

Recorded at various Wellington studios including NZSM, with mixing and mastering by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios, this album has a broad palette and charming tone. A delightful take on popular and enduring jazz standards, with its laid back attitude Coco Favre’s introduction will appeal to listeners unfamiliar with the genre as much as it will jazz fans.

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