September 2016

Kia Ora,

I hope everything is fine on your side of the world, wherever that might be.
We had a very short winter in this part of Aotearoa. No snow, just a bit of frost and that was it. Lots of rain, but that is pretty amazing when your only water supply is coming from a water tank that collects…’rainwater’...but enough talk about the weather!!

I am very excited to share my news with you this week as I can finally announce the release of my first single ‘Heart of an Angel’ on September 8th. Have a sneak peek on my YouTube Channel

I know that I have been talking about this for so long that it seems unreal that we are actually releasing it. But, I am super proud of this song, as it was written by my then 10-year old daughter Kira. She was too shy to sing the song to me so she would just play it on her little guitar and ‘hum’ the melody to me. I would not get the song out of her, but we eventually re-wrote the lyrics, added some bits and pieces, and re-arranged it until it was ready to be produced.

It was a pretty long journey with lots of challenges along the way. But I was never going to give up. I have learnt a lot and hope that it made me grow as a singer and recording artist. Without the support of my beautiful family, friends and the amazing bunch of people who helped and supported me through this process I would have never been able to make it this far. My family has been my rock and I am so lucky to have them!

Watch this space for my release on 8 Sept on my YouTube Channel

Musically yours!