March 2015 Newsletter

I am so happy that my website is finally up and running, thanks to a fantastic team of people who just really know what they are doing. Big thanks to Inga and Marie for all your help and hard work on this.

So much has happened in the last couple of months. The release of my album was such a big thing for me and I am glad it is out in the universe now so I can move on to the next chapter.

I had a break from music over the Christmas and New Year period to nurse my husband back to health after a major surgery on his ankle and enjoyed my time off to spend with my loved ones.

2015 is not going to slow down musically since I am already back in the studio working on my next adventure. I am at The Soundfarm with producer Tony Strong...what a magical place to record! It is quite a way to drive but really worth it. Tony has been following my adventures on Facebook for a while and planted some little seeds to come see him and experience his organic approach to music making...and what a gorgeous place. My beautiful daughter Kira has written a song and we worked on it and brought it to Tony who is in the middle of mixing it...so watch this space!

Back to my love affair with Jazz. Thanks to Andrew London who interviewed me for his radio show 'Soundbites' a couple of days ago - I got to experience the radio station vibe and absolutely loved it! We talked about my album, my upbringing, and musical tastes so that people get to know me and my music a little more, so don't miss it! The show will air on Sunday 22nd March at 12.00 noon, again on Tuesday 24th March at 6.00pm, and again on Thursday 26th March at 2.00pm. It streams online here.

A couple of months ago, I was asked to go to Switzerland to sing at a couple of Jazz Festivals over there next year. As tempting as this sounds, I would really like to do a couple of New Zealand Festivals first, before deserting my New Zealand fans.

I have also been working with my dear friend David Feehan for the last couple of years, who is almost done recording his 4th album 'Cuatro' - it sounds amazing! We have so much fun working together, and I really enjoyed sharing the stage and studio booth with him. I am humbled to be on his album singing backing vocals and featuring in a duet with him as well - oops, that might have been a little secret I just gave away, but never mind.

Well, that's all the news from me so far - do keep checking in to find out more.

Musically yours,


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